Moving Toward Revival {Kingdom Grace}


Kingdom Grace

Grace exists within the boundaries of covenant agreement [the Cross], and is available whether we receive it or not, just as Christ remains available whether we receive Him or not. It is our choice. We choose Him. We are in covenant with Him through the Cross. His blood removes our guilt; His grace offers our rest. Our conviction leads to our obedience.

So everyone’s talking about it. This #OneWord2013—Grace. Yet, no matter how much I read up on the subject, of Him who is our Grace, I find my heart avoiding the very rest He speaks of. I once wrote about this knowing—knowing who we are in Him and standing firm in our kingdom position. This knowing is our rest. Our grace. When we step outside of that kind of faith, we wrestle with condemnation that voids the voice of grace. {< Please refer back to previous notes from Beth Moore on affliction.}

We know we are heeding the wrong voice, but it’s the stored up Truth that comes to speak the loudest in those moments. For me, that equates to my surviving by the skin of my teeth on yesterday’s anointing. It so does not work. The foundation remains, but my heart is crying out for revival and my flesh is fighting with me everyday.

Spiritual Transparency

It looks something like spiritual hokey pokey. Left foot in (where He’s doing His work), then comes the right foot out (where I stand in my righteousness through Him). Somehow I am trying to skip the part where we lift our left foot out (spiritual transparency). {Insert Rena saying in humility, “You cannot skip where you are.”}

I am forever that girl, and I SO DO NOT WANT TO BE HER.

Everything I am learning and reading of Grace is this: Grace points to love. Love points to grace. That’s where the revival begins and ends. That’s where He is developing my heart change and wooing me to fall back in love with Himself. Not a seasonal kind of love, but an eternal one.

That’s my 2013. I am moving toward Him. I am resting in the Cross. I am pressing toward that path of obedience that is birthed out of His love, not my to-do list. Otherwise, I just keep failing. I just keep missing Him. He is showing me the way. He is my intercessor. He is my Grace.

I am seeking more of Him. I am resting in those nail-scared hands that are holding mine and walking with me.

*Revisiting the archives this season

How are you moving toward revival?